Q-Lise has a solid team of specialised engineers who have extensive knowledge of the seaming process which takes place within a customers filling or closing factory. These cans and ends are closed on machines called "seamers". These seamers are supplied from a number of global OEM suppliers. We have extensive knowledge to the following seamer brands:


  • Ferrum
  • Angelus
  • Continental
  • IMC
  • Comaco
  • Sima


Our engineers are capable of maintaining all of the above mentioned OEM seamers as per the following:


  • "Zero" Inspections
  • Preventive mainenance/ Interim inspections
  • Overhaul/ preparing an overhaul plan
  • Diameter change-overs (for can and end)
  • Modifications/ Upgrades
  • Independent audits
  • Change-over time reduction
  • Specialized advise



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